The Rules

Each character is built based on adding skill points to skills. There are no classes or abilities. Skills are the core mechanic of the system.


Skills are used whenever you want to perform an action. The skill or skills most relevant to that action, as determined by the GM, must be used to check for success.

To test a skill you are trained in, you must roll 1d6 for each skill point you have allocated into that skill. The GM will then roll a number of D6’s against you based on the difficulty of the task.

The winner is determined by whomever has the higher dice total.


Julio wants jump across a ravine. He has 3 skill points in athletics so he rolls 3d6 for his attempt. The GM determines the jump is a 2d6 difficulty.

Julio roles a 2, 3, 5. The Ravine rolls 2, 6.

Julio succeeds because his total is 10 and the ravines total is only 8.

Many times two skills can be combined to make a check. For instance,

If you untrained in a skill and want to use it, you must roll 2D6 and take the lower amount.

For every 5 points in a skill, one the D6’s you roll will be a red D6. This die may be re-rolled after looking at the result.

If all dice used result in 1’s that is considered a fumble. If this happens, red dice may not be re-rolled.

Full Skill List

Buying Skills:

Skills can be purchased at each level. The cost of skills increases as you buy more skill points in a specific skill.

Skill Level 1-5 each point costs 1 skill point.
Skill Level 6-10 each point costs 2 skill points.
Skill Level 11-15 each point costs 3 skill points.
Skill Level 15-20 each point costs 4 skill points.

Every point in a skill represents 1d6 that you roll.

Supply Pool:

At the beginning of every game session each player starts with a supply pool of 10D6. These dice can be added to any roll of a trained skill, in any amount throughout the game session. The player must declare that they intend to use supply pool dice before they do the skill check and also how many they will add. The amount of supply dice added has no effect on red dice. Once a player has used all 10D6 of their supply pool they will not be able to use any more until the next session.


At each new level the player has the option to add 10 Hit points to their total or roll 3D6 and add the result to their total.

Player gains 5 skill points.


When combat is started all of those involved roll dice equal to the total of their skills in quickness and tactics. The results are used determine the order in which the combat will be resolved.

During each character’s turn they can perform two of the following actions:

Use a skill
Use a skill

The skills used must be quick and reasonable and is up to the discretion of the GM based on the action that the player is proposing. If a movement action is used it can be taken at any time during the turn and even can be broken up and used before, after or during the action.

Standard move is 30 feet.

When attacking the pertinent attack skill is used VS the opponent’s defense skill. If the attack roll is higher than the defense roll then the attack hits and damage dealt is the difference between the two rolls.

The Rules

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