Hiram Darkhunter


Hiram Darkhunter is a 35 year old man who is currently known as one of the greatest hunters in the Fertile Valley. He is well respected by many in the community and leads many hunting parties into the Great Forest. He has been a strong advocate for conservation of the animals within the Great Forest.

Recent Events

Hiram requested permission council of elders if he could travel into the Shadow Mountains and search for additional animals that could be hunted. He was concerned that they animals within the Great Forest were being over hunted and would eventually become extinct. The council refused his request stating that situation was not as dire as he believed. Two nights after they made this decision, Hiram journeyed into the mountains. He left a note explaining that he loved his people too much not to go. The council has decided to banish him from the Fertile Valley.

Hiram Darkhunter

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