Great Forest

The Great Forest that surrounds the Fertile Valley is populated with all matter of beasts. Several elk and deer herds can be found throughout the forest as well as a large wolf pack. In addition there are known to be several bears, wolverines, foxes, badgers and the like. Also a multitude of birds, rabbits, squirrels, rats and other small animals exist there in abundance.

It is common for hunting parties to go into the woods using bow and arrow to take down all manner of prey. In general deer and elk are the most common animals hunted however once or twice per year bear hunts are organized to keep the population under control.

The major safety in the forest is that of the wolf pack. While in most cases the wolves will not bother hunting parties they have from time to time engaged one another with poor results for the hunting party. Several failed attempts have been made to thin out the wolves to no avail.

The only person known to live within the forest is Tovar the Banished, who has made his home there safely for over 40 years now.

Great Forest

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