Cypress Corners

Cypress corners is a small settlement in the Fertile Valley. It was founded 16 generations ago by Goresh Wanderlost when The Tribe of Goresh crossed the Shadow Mountains and the Foggy Cliffs during the Exodus from the Dark Lands. Since the settlement’s inception it has been a place of peace.

The community consists of 247 people made up of 96 families who live a simple life much like that of a small village in the early 1800’s in the American west. A council of 7 elders, both men and women govern over the town. They are elected by popular vote and retire when they decide they are ready. There have been exceptions to this, the most notable being Tovar the Banished.

Money is not used in Cypress Corners, instead everything is done on a barter system. Generally, most families are self sustaining with the exception of large scale crops, like corn and wheat, which are grown by only a few farming families and also animal meat, which is hunted in the Great Forest by several men and women who are skilled hunters. Many families have gardens of their own for more specialized crops. Several families also raise dairy cows and sheep for wool.

Everyone in Cypress Corners contributes to the general well being of the community, with the exception of a few troublemakers who drink too much. The town does have a constable who finds that his job is for the most part boring.

Every week, after attending church, the village enjoys a large potluck dinner at their community center. This is one of the favorite activities of most people in the village.

Children live with their parents until they either marry or reach the age of 25. While most people do marry there are a few single villagers who are older than 25. When a child moves out their parents house they either take over a home that is currently vacant or a new home is built for them. This is always a community effort led by the family of the child. Children are given first names when they are born but their last name is not bestowed on them until they are 25. There last name is chosen based on what traits they posess. Some last names include, Darkhunter, Seedsower, Cooper, Truthsayer, Swiftarrow, Greenthumb, Wanderlost and Cattlekeeper.

Overall, the community is very tight knit and does not interact at all with the outside world. It has been over 10 generations since anyone has even tried to leave the fertile valley. No one from the outside world has come to the fertile valley since the tribe arrived.

Cypress Corners

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